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Current Fellows


Mary Catherine Mooney:

  • Gabrielle Dean, William Kurrelmeyer Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, The Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University, “Portrait of the Artist: Photography, Publication, and American Authorship, 1839-1946”
  • Leon Kogan, Ph.D. candidate, Brown University, “Allan Rohan Crite and Alexandre Jacovleff: Beyond Realism”

Caleb Loring, Jr., Fellowship:

Scott Martin, Professor, Bowling Green State University, “The Psychoactive Civil War: Alcohol and Drugs in the American Civil War and Its Aftermath”

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies:

Nicole Mahoney, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park, “Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America”

The American Congregational Association-Boston Athenæum Fellowship:

Nicholas Bonneau, Ph.D. candidate, University of Notre Dame, “Unspeakable Loss: North America’s Invisible Throat Distemper Epidemics, 1735 – 1765”

The Mudge Teacher Fellowships:

  • Daniel James Gavin, History and German Language Teacher at Boston Latin School, “Remember the Ladies: Honoring the Mosaic of Women Fighting for the Fundamental Right to Vote!”
  • Allison Lange, Assistant Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology, “Should Women Vote?: Resources for Teaching the Woman Suffrage Movement”

The Suzanne and Caleb Loring Research Fellowship (Jointly with MHS):

Kathleen Hilliard, Associate Professor, Iowa State University, “Bonds Burst Asunder: The Revolutionary Politics of Getting By in Civil War and Emancipation, 1860-1867”

The New England Regional Fellowship

  • Chris Babits, Ph.D. candidate, University of Texas at Austin, “To Cure a Sinful Nation: A Cultural History of Conversion Therapy and the Making of Modern America, 1930 to the Present Day”
  • Laura McCoy, Ph.D. candidate, Northwestern University, “In Distress: Family and a Marketplace of Feeling in the Early American Republic”
  • Tyler Sperrazza, Ph.D. candidate, Pennsylvania State University, “Defiant: African American Cultural Responses to Northern White Supremacy, 1865-1915”
  • Donald Yacovone, Associate, lifetime, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Harvard University, "The Liberator's Legacy: Memory, Abolitionism, and the Struggle for Civil Rights, 1865-1965”