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My Athenæum Profile FAQ

General  Event Registration  Membership


Creating a User ID and Password:
Follow the New User? Create an account link at the bottom of the Login page to create a User ID and Password for your account; these are not assigned by the Boston Athenæum.
Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters and contain at least one capitalized letter and at least one number.
Forgotten User ID or Password:
Follow the Forgot your User ID/Password? link at the bottom of the Login page. Enter your e-mail address; an e-mail containing your User ID and a link to reset the Password should appear in your inbox within a few moments. If you do not receive this e-mail, please check your Junk or Trash folder. If you still do not see a confirmation, contact the Membership Office at (617) 720-7604.
Multiple logins:
Each membership can only have one User ID and Password linked to it. For Family Memberships, this means that either the login must be shared, or only one person will be able to create a My Athenæum Profile.
Renew or place a hold on a book:
Log in to your My Athena Profile. The User ID and Password associated with the My Athena Profile are separate from that used for the My Athenæum Profile.

Event Registration

I do not see the event I want to register for:
For events where registration is required, you may register beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the date two weeks prior to the date of the event. The event will not appear on the registration page before this time. If you are an Annual Fund donor at the Sponsor level or above, please contact Dawna G. Burrus at (617) 720-7629 for advance event registration.
Guest registration:
To purchase tickets for yourself and a guest (or guests) you must provide guest name(s). If you do not know the name(s), please put “Guest of” and your last name in the name field. You do not need to fill in an e-mail or an address for your guest(s).
Payment confirmation:
If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation for your tickets please check your Junk or Trash folder. If you still do not see a confirmation, contact or call (617) 720-7600.
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds if you cannot attend an event.
Payment error:
If you believe you were overcharged or if you encountered a technical error during registration please contact or call (617) 720-7600.


Join the Boston Athenæum:
Once payment is received, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation, and can expect a mailed welcome packet with temporary membership card(s) at your home address within one week. If nothing is received, contact the Membership Office at (617) 720-7604.
Give a gift of membership:
Create a User ID and Password for yourself (not for the gift recipient), and click on the Purchase a Gift Membership link. Please specify in the comments box during the transaction whether you would prefer the membership packet to be mailed to you or directly to the gift recipient. If nothing is specified, we default to mailing directly to the recipient. A welcome packet with temporary membership card(s) should be received within one week.
Renewing Guest Memberships (for Proprietors and Life Members):
At this time, Guest Memberships cannot be renewed online. Please contact the Membership and Development Office at or (617) 720-7604 to renew over the phone.
Lost or broken membership cards:
Contact the Membership and Development Office at or (617) 720-7604 to request a replacement.
Primary member and spouse flip:
If you noticed that your name is listed as spouse after logging back into your account, this is because the linked profile takes its data from our membership records. If your spouse is considered the primary member in our records, this is how it will appear in your My Athenæum Profile. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.


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