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Selections from Acquired Tastes

Acquired Tastes
The culmination of the celebration of the Boston Athenæum’s Bicentennial in 2007 was the large retrospective exhibition entitled Acquired Tastes: 200 Years of Collecting for the Boston Athenæum.The exhibition emphasized the extensive and diverse collections that had been carefully formed by the Athenæum during its first two centuries. The comprehensive nature of the exhibition, which included paintings, sculptures, maps, prints, photographs, manuscripts, and decorative arts, required that most the Athenæum's first floor be temporarily converted into exhibition space.  "Selections from Acquired Tastes" reprints entries from the richly illustrated, scholarly book that was published on the occasion of Acquired Tastes and gives readers an opportunity to review some of the items that were in that exhibition. These objects have been chosen to represent the best and, sometimes, most unusual items that, together, make the Boston Athenæum a special place.