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Boston Athenæum Strategic Priorities 2012-2015

January 2015 Report on the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan
Use the Boston Athenæum’s collections to further intellectual engagement, visibility, and financial support.
  • Enhance the appreciation, understanding, and use of the collections through services for members and scholars
  • Maintain and preserve collections through a robust conservation program
  • Provide signature events based on the collections
  • Augment all collections through endowed funds for acquisitions in all media
  • Increase access to our collections through cataloguing and digitization
Offer diverse programs and services delivered within the Boston Athenæum’s iconic building as well as via interactive and dynamic online access.
  • Present events that incorporate intellectual curiosity with opportunities for social interaction
  • Develop programs that more fully utilize collections, reflect the interests of different member segments, and leverage available multimedia technologies
  • Offer online access to programs and services via the Boston Athenæum website
Recruit, attract and retain members of diverse backgrounds.
  • Increase membership 5 - 10%
  • Strengthen retention for all membership categories especially among Young Patrons
  • Recruit Board members who more fully reflect diverse backgrounds
  • Enhance the collection of demographic data on members
  • Utilize social media technology as a public relations and marketing tool to increase visibility among target audiences
Focus financial efforts on endowment growth, stability, and financial equilibrium.
  • Demonstrate prudent stewardship of the current endowment
  • Increase income from planned giving, major and special gifts, and annual giving
  • Investigate the feasibility of increasing the endowment
  • Provide clarity to members and staff about current and future financial needs
  • Prepare and test a case statement for a capital campaign