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Igniting the American Revolution: 1773-1775

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Reception to follow

Igniting the American Revolution: 1773-1775

Derek W. Beck

Spanning the years 1773 to 1775, Igniting the American Revolution sweeps readers from the Boston Tea Party and the halls of Parliament, to the fateful expedition to Lexington and Concord and the shot heard round the world. Vividly detailed and meticulously researched, this captivating history reveals the events that altered the futures of not only England and America, but the whole world.

Derek W. Beck has always had a passion for military history, which inspired him to start his career in the U.S. Air Force. He has served as an officer on active duty in science roles and in space operations. In 2005, he earned a M.S. degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he also fell in love with Boston’s revolutionary past. To more fully pursue writing, he later transitioned to the Air Force Reserves, where he still remains quite active, presently holding the rank of major. His writing has appeared in multiple history journals, scholarly works, and reviews, and it has been cited by The Boston Globe among other publications.

Find new perspectives on the events detailed in Beck’s book in the Athenæum’s special collections. Make an appointment to view A Retrospect of the Boston Tea-Party, with a Memoir of George R.T. Hewes, a Survivor of the Little Band of Patriots who Drowned the Tea in Boston Harbour in 1773, A Fair Account of the Late Unhappy Disturbance at Boston in New England (the Boston Massacre), or The Nineteenth of April, 1775; A Collection of First Hand Accounts Including Paul Revere’s Ride, Battle of Lexington, the Concord Fight, March of the British, Being the Depositions & Narratives of Persons Who Participated.

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