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Systems Thinking, Extraordinary Longevity, and Pot

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Reception to follow
Members Free and Non-members $15

Systems Thinking, Extraordinary Longevity, and Pot

Donald Louria

In his book reThink, preventive medicine and public health expert Donald Louria argues that “societally connected systems thinking” can allow us to solve problems where conventional methods have failed. By analyzing an entire issue through systems diagrams rather than its component parts, problem solvers are able to examine causes and consequences, understand patterns and themes, and identify leverage points. Societally connected systems thinking offers the perspective necessary to address the big issues of our time, such as healthcare, addiction, overpopulation, and epidemic disease. rethink examines critical public issues, offering specific, provocative recommendations for solving or mitigating issues based entirely on systems diagrams.

Donald Louria, MD, is one of the country’s most influential public health experts. He is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Medical School and has authored six books, including the bestseller The Drug Scene. As chairman of New Jersey Medical School’s department of preventative medicine and community health and president of the New York State Council on Drug Addiction, he spearheaded programs for the detection and prevention of lead poisoning in Newark and conducted extensive studies on HIV prevention among a population of heavily exposed women.

This lecture is sponsored by the Pearmain Endowment.

Among the topics covered by Dr. Louria’s lecture is life extension. Continue the conversation by joining one of the Athenæum’s newest discussion groups: Longevity in Literature, Science, and Society. Longevity experts predict that one third of babies born this year will celebrate their 100th birthday, and some will live to be 150. But what impact would a quantum leap in longevity have on our society? Is it wise to devote resources to the quest to prolong life at the expense of other causes? This group will explore literary, scientific, and ethical perspectives on longevity. To learn more or to register for the group, contact Arnold Serapilio.

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