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Members’ Choice Event: “Reflection Poems” from the Windows of the World

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
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Members’ Choice Event: “Reflection Poems” from the Windows of the World

Douglas Zook

We have all seen reflections on glass windows every day. We take it for granted and often they do not catch our eye. But at certain times of the day under specific light conditions, we realize that this place where silica and sunbeams meet–the window glass–can be the homes of some of nature’s most elusive poetry. Indeed, there lies an ever-changing and astounding “hidden” world that intrigues us.

This personal discovery came about several years ago while Douglas Zook was teaching global ecology at one of Europe’s oldest universities in Krakow, Poland, as a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar. While enjoying the car-free walking regions of the old city center, Zook began to be enraptured by the many amazing trees in its park, noticing strange and appealing reflections in the upper story windows of buildings. The photos of certain panes were provocative and dynamic, and many had little obvious relation to the reality it was reflecting.

Douglas Zook is biologist, naturalist, science educator, and photographic artist. Now at UMass Boston School for the Environment, he has given over 200 invited presentations and conducted scores of workshops, courses, and exhibitions around the world.

Zook has led several trips to the remote Amazon in eastern Ecuador as well as global ecology intensive field courses in New Zealand. He was a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar recipient in 2010 and is currently a designated Fulbright special expert scholar in global ecology. During his 30 years at Boston University, he directed the master of arts in science education, guiding and mentoring more than 400 students to careers in science teaching. His unique and evocative reflection photos have been exhibited in Europe and Boston and he has recently published a special edition large format book, Earth Gazes Back.

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