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Required Reading: King's Chapel Library


Required Reading: Reimagining a Colonial Library

King's Chapel Library

A major exhibition, Required Reading: Reimagining a Colonial Library, showcases and interprets the King’s Chapel Library Collection, one of the surviving treasures of 17th century Boston. Review the list of books in the King's Chapel Library here and visit the gallery to see featured books in person.



Allen, William. Animadversions on that part of Mr. Robert Ferguson’s book: entituled, The interest of reason in religion, which treats of justification: in a letter to a friend. London: Printed by T.R. for Walter Kettilby, 1676.

———. Catholicism, or, Several enquiries touching visible church-membership, church-communion, the nature of schism & the usefulness of national constitutions for the furtherance of religion. London: Printed by M.C. for Walter Kettilby, 1683.  

———. Christians justification stated: Shewing how the righteousness of Christ, the Gospel-covenant, faith, and God himself, do operate to our justification. London: Printed by A.C. for Walter Kettilby, 1678.

———. Discourse of the nature, series, and order of occurrences: as they are prophetically represented in the II. Chap. of the Revelation. London: Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1689.

———. Mystery of iniquity unfolded, or, The false apostles and the authors of popery. London: Printed by J.M. for Walter Kettilby, 1675.

———. Of the state of the church in future ages, or, An inspection into the divine prophecies, touching the state of the church, in the latter ages of the world. London: Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1684.

———. Practical discourse of humility. London: Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1681.

Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan. Opera. Paris: Impensis Societatis Typographicae Librorum Officij Ecclesiastici, 1661.

Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria. Opera quae reperiuntur omnia. Paris: Sumptibus Michaelis Sonnii, Claudii Morelli, & Sebastiani Cramoisy, 1627.

Augustine, of Hippo, Saint. Opera. Paris: [Compagnie de la Grand-Navire], 1637.

Baker, Richard, Sir. Chronicle of the kings of England: from the time of the Romans government, unto the death of King James the First. London: Printed for Ben. Tooke; A. and J. Churchill, 1696.

Barlow, Thomas. Several miscellaneous and weighty cases of conscience. London: Printed and sold by Mrs. Davis, 1692.

Barrow, Isaac. Brief exposition on the Creed, The Lord’s prayer, and Ten commandments: to which is added the doctrine of the sacraments. London: Printed by J.H. for Brabazon Aylmer, 1697.

———. Defence of the B. Trinity. London: Printed for B. Aylmer, 1697.

———. Opuscula: viz. determinationes, conc. ad clerum, orationes, poemata, &c. London: Impensis Brabozoni Aylmeri, 1687.

Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea. Opera omnia. Paris: Sumptibus Aegidii Morelli, 1638.

Bates, William. Considerations of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul. London: Printed by J.D. for Brabazon Aylmer, 1677.

Baxter, Richard. Gildas Salvianus: the reformed pastor: shewing the nature of the pastoral work, especially the private instruction and catechizing. London: Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Simmons, 1657.

———. Paraphrase on the New Testament: with notes, doctrinal and practical, by plainness and brevity fitted to the use of religious families…: and of the younger and poorer sort of scholars and ministers. London: Printed for B. Simmons...and Tho. Simmons, 1685.

Bayle, Pierre. Dictionaire historique et critique. Rotterdam: Chez Michel Bohm, 1720.

Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint. Opera omnia. Paris: [Compagnie de la Grand Navire], 1621.

Biblia sacra polyglotta: complectentia textus originales, Hebraicun, cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chaldaicum, Graecum: versionumque antiquarum, Samaritan, Graec LXXII interp., Chaldaicae, Syriac, Arabicae, Aethiopic, Persicae, Vulg. Lat. London: Imprimebat Thomas Roycroft, 1657.

Bingham, Joseph. Works of the learned Joseph Bingham, M.A., late rector of Havant, and sometime fellow of University-College in Oxford. London: Printed for Robert Knaplock, 1726.

Binius, Severin. Concilia generalia et provincialia. Cologne: Sumptibus Ioannis Gymnici, 1618.

Blount, Thomas Pope, Sir. Censura celebriorum authorum. London: Impensis Richardi Chiswel, 1690.

Book of Psalms: with the argument of each Psalm, and a preface giving some general rules for the interpretation of this sacred book. London: Printed, and are to be sold by John Taylor, 1701.

Bray, Thomas. Bibliotheca parochialis, or, a scheme of such theological heads both general and particular: as are more peculiarly requisite to be well studied by every pastor of a parish: together with a catalogue of books which may be read upon each of those points. London: Printed by E.H. for Robert Clavel, 1697.

———. Catechetical discourses on the whole doctrine of the covenant of grace, delivered in 32 lectures, on the preliminary questions and answers of the church-catechism, being a body of divinity, proper to be read by all Christians. London: Printed by John Brudenell for W. Haws, 1701.

———. Course of lectures upon the church catechism: in four volumes. Vol. I, Upon the preliminary questions and answers. Oxford: Printed by Leonard Lichfield, for the author, 1697.

Bright, George. Treatise of prayer: with several useful occasional observations and some larger digressions concerning the Judaical observation of the Lord’s day, the external worship of God &c. London: Printed for John Wright, 1678.

Bull, George. Examen censur, sive, Responsio ad quasdam animadversiones, antehac ineditas, in librum cui titulus Harmonia Apostolica, &c. London: Typis Eliz. Flesher: Prostant apud Richardum Davis, bibliopolam Oxoniensem, 1676.

———. Judicium ecclesiae catholicae trium primorum seculorum: de necessitate credendi quod Dominus noster Jesus Christus sit verus Deus, assertum contra M. Simonem Episcopium aliosque. Oxford: E Theatro Sheldonio, impensis Georg. West, 1694.

———. Opera omnia. London: Typis Samuelis Bridge, prope Excambium Regale, Impensis M. Smith, 1703.

Burnet, Gilbert. Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England. London: Printed for Ri. Chiswell, 1705.

———. History of the reformation of the Church of England: in two parts. London: Printed by T.H. for Richard Chiswell, 1681-1683.

Buxtorf, Johann. Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum. Basel: Sumptibus haeredum Ludovici Konig, 1645.

———. Thesaurus grammaticus linguae: sanctae hebraeae duobus libris methodice propositus quorum prior vocum singularum naturam & proprietates, alter vocum conjunctarum rationem & elegantiam universam. Basel: Impensis Ludovici Regis, 1620.

Bythner, Victorinus. Lyra prophetica Davidis regis: sive analysis critico-practica Psalmorum. London: Typis Eliz. Flesher: Prostat vero venalis apud, Gul. Morden, Cantabrigiae, 1679.

Calvin, Jean. Opera omnia theologica. Geneva: Apud Iohannem Vignon, Petrum, & Iacobum Chouet, 1617.

Castell, Edmund. Lexicon heptaglotton: Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, Samaritanum, Aethiopicum, Arabicum, conjunctim: et Persicum, separatim. London: Thomas Roycroft, LL. orientalium typographus Regius, 1669.

Cave, William. Apostolici, or, The history of the lives, acts, death, and martyrdoms of those who were contemporary with or immediately succeeded the Apostles. London: Printed by B.W. [i.e. Bernard White] for Richard Chiswell, 1687.

———. Ecclesiastici, or, The history of the lives, acts, death, & writings, of the most eminent fathers of the church, that flourisht in the fourth century. London: Printed by J.R. for Richard Chiswel, 1683.

———. Primitive Christianity, or, The religion of the ancient Christians in the first ages of the Gospel. London: Printed by J.H. for R. Chiswel, 1682.

Chamier, Daniel. Panstratiae Catholicae, siue, Controuersiarum de religione aduersus pontificios corpus. Geneva: Typis Rouerianis, 1626.

Chemnitz, Martin. Examinis Concilii Tridentini. Frankfurt am Main: [s.n.], 1574.

———. Harmoniae Evangelicae. Geneva: Sumptibus haeredum Iacobi Berjon, 1628.

———. Loci theologici reverendi et clarissimiviri Dn. Martini Chemnitii...quibus et Loci communes D. Phil. Melancthonis perspicue explicantur. Wittenberg: Typis Martini Henckelij, impensis Clementis Bergeri, & Zachariae Schureri Bibliop, 1610.

Church of England. Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church...: together with the Psalter...pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches: and the form or manner of…ordaining…bishops, priests, and deacons. London: Printed by Mark Baskett, 1766.

———. Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church...: together with the Psalter...pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches: and the form or manner of…ordaining…bishops, priests, and deacons. London: Printed by the assigns of His Majesty’s Printer, and of Henry Hills, deceased, 1729.

Comber, Thomas. Church history clear’d from the Roman forgeries and corruptions found in the councils and Baronius: in four parts, from the beginning of Christianity, to the end of the Fifth General Council, 553. London: Printed by Samuel Roycroft, for Robert Clavell, 1695.

Conant, John. Sermons preach’d on several occasions. London: Printed for Richard Chiswell, and Tho. Cockerill, 1693.

———. Sermons preach’d on several occasions. The second volume. London: Printed for Ri. Chiswell, and Tho. Cockerill, 1697.

Cosmography and geography: in two parts: the first, containing the general and absolute part of cosmography and geography…the second part, being a geographical description of the world. London: Printed by Samuel Roycroft, for Richard Blome, 1693.

Cradock, Samuel. Apostolical history: containing the acts, labours, travels, sermons, discourses, miracles, successes, and sufferings, of the holy apostles from Christ’s ascention to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. London: Printed by A. Maxwell, 1672.

———. History of the Old Testament methodiz’d: according to the order and series of time wherein the several things therein mentioned were transacted. London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1683.

Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage. Opera ad vetustissimorum exemplarium fidem. Paris: Sumptibus Ioannis du Puis, via Iacoba sub signo coron aure, 1666.

Cyril, Saint, Bishop of Jerusalem. Opera, quae reperiuntur. Paris: Apud Hieronymum Drouart, 1631.


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Daille, Jean. De vsv patrvm ad ea definienda religionis capita: quae sunt hodie controversa. Geneva: Sumptibus Petri Chouet, 1656.

Dodwell, Henry. Praelectiones academicae in schola historices Camdeniana. Oxford: Vaeneunt in officina Benj. Tooke, Bibliopolae Londinensis, 1692.

———. Two letters of advice: I. For the susception of holy orders. II. For studies theological, especially such as are rational. London: Printed by M.C. for Benjamin Tooke, 1680.

Downame, George. Treatise of iustification: wherein is first set dovvne the true doctrine in the causes, effects, fruits, consequents of it, according to the Word of God: and then all obiections and cavils of the adversaries to Gods free iustification by grace, are answered and confuted. London: Printed by E. Purslow, for Nicholas Bourne, 1639.

———. Christian warfare against the Deuill world and flesh: wherein is described their nature, the maner of their fight and meanes to obtaine victorye. London: Printed by William Stansby, 1634.

Drelincourt, Charles. Christian’s defence against the fears of death: with seasonable directions how to prepare ourselves to die well. London: Printed by F.C. for R. Clavel at the Peacock, and J. Robinson, 1692.

Du Pin, Louis Ellies. New history of ecclesiastical writers. London: Printed for Abel Swalle and Tim. Childe, 1693-1699.

Dugdale, William. Short view of the late troubles in England: briefly setting forth, their rise, growth, and tragical conclusion. London: Printed at the Theater for Moses Pitt, 1681.

Edwards, John. Discourse concerning the authority, stile, and perfection of the books of the Old and New Testament. London: Printed and sold by Richard Wilkin, 1693.

———. Discourse concerning the authority, stile, and perfection of the books of the Old and New Testament: wherein the author’s former undertaking is further prosecuted, viz. an enquiry into several remarkable texts which contain some difficulty in them. London: Printed and sold by Richard Wilkin, 1693.

———. Discourse concerning the authority, stile, and perfection of the books of the Old and New Testament: with a continued illustration of several difficult texts of Scripture throughout the whole work. London: Printed by J.D. for Jonathan Robinson, 1696.

———. Preacher: the third part, containing farther rules and advices, for the right discharging of the sacred-office of preaching. London: Printed for Jonathan Robinson, John Lawrence, and John Wyat, 1709.

Ellis, John. Articulorum XXXIX Ecclesiae Anglicanae defensio. Amsterdam: Apud Joann. Paulium, 1696.

Epiphanius, Saint, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus. Opera omnia. Cologne: Sumptibus Jeremiae Schrey, & Heinr. Joh. Meieri, 1682.

Est, Willem Hesselszoon van. In omnes Beati Pauli et aliorum Apostolorum epistolas commentaria. Paris: [no printer’s name], 1623.

———. In qvatvor libros Sententiarvm commentaria. Paris: Apud Viduam Martini Durand, 1638.

Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea. Ekklesiastike historia = Ecclesiasticae historiae. Mainz: Christian Gerlach & Simon Beckenstein, 1672.

Falkner, William. Two treatises: the first, concerning reproaching and censure: the second, an answer to Mr. Serjeant’s Sure-footing: to which are annexed three sermons preached upon several occasions, and very useful for these times. London: Printed for Richard Chiswell, 1684.

Field, Richard. Of the church. Oxford: Imprinted by William Turner, 1628.

Flacius Illyricus, Matthias. Historia ecclesiastica: integram ecclesiae Christianae conditionem, inde a Christo ex Virgine nato, juxta seculorum seriem exponens. Basel: Typis & expensis Ludovici Regis, excusa., 1624.

Fowler, Edward. Design of Christianity, or, A plain demonstration and improvement of this proposition: viz. that the enduring men with inward real righteousness or true holiness, was the ultimate end of our Saviour’s coming into the world, and is the great intendment of his blessed gospel. London: Printed for R. Royston, 1676.

———. Libertas evangelica, or, A discourse of Christian liberty: being a farther pursuance of the argument of the design of Christianity. London: Printed by R. Norton, for Richard Royston, and Walter Kettilby, 1680.

Fulgentius, Saint, Bishop of Ruspa. Opera, quae extant, omnia. Basel: Per Sebastianum Henricpetri., 1587.


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Goodman, John. Penitent pardon’d, or, A discourse of the nature of sin, and the efficacy of repentance, under the parable of the prodigal son. London: Printed by J. Heptinstall, for L. Meredith, 1694.

Gregory, of Nazianzus, Saint. Opera. Paris: Sumptibus C. Morelli Typographi Regij, 1630.

Grotius, Hugo. De veritate religionis Christianae. Oxford: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1675.

Guilelmus Peraldus. Summae virtutum ac vitiorum. Antwerp: Apud Philippum Nutium, 1571.

Hammond, Henry. Paraphrase and annotations upon all the books of the New Testament: briefly explaining all the difficult places thereof. London: Printed by J.F. [i.e. James Flesher] and E.T. [i.e. Evan Tyler] for Richard Royston, 1671.

———. Works of the Reverend and learned Henry Hammond, D.D. London: Printed by Elizabeth Flesher for Richard Royston, and Richard Davis, 1674-1684.

———. Works of the Reverend and learned Henry Hammond, D.D. London: Printed for R. Royston, 1684.

Hilary, Saint, Bishop of Poitiers. Qvotqvot extant opera. Paris: Impensis Societatis Typographic Librorum Officij Ecclesiastici, 1652.

Hooker, Richard. Works of that learned and judicious divine, Mr. Richard Hooker: in eight books...and an account of his life and death. London: Printed by R. White, for Rob. Scot, Tho. Basset, John Wright and Rich. Chiswel, and are to be sold by Robert Boulter, 1676.

Hopkins, Ezekiel. Exposition on the Ten Commandments: with other sermons. London: Printed for Thomas Parkhurst...and Nathanael Ranew, and Jonathan Robinson, 1692.

———. Exposition on the Lord’s prayer: with a catechistical explication thereof, by way of question and answer, for the instructing of youth. London: Printed for Nathanael Ranew, 1692.

Horneck, Anthony. Happy ascetick, or, The best exercise: together with prayers suitable to each exercise: to which is added a letter to a person of quality, concerning the holy lives of the primitive Christians. London: Printed for Henry Mortlock, 1693.

Illustration of those two abstruse books in Holy Scripture, the book of Daniel, and the Revelation of S. John. London: Printed by M. Flesher, for Walter Kettilby, 1685.

Irenaeus, Saint, Bishop of Lyon. Elenchou kai anatropes tes pseudonymou gnoseos = Contra omnes haereses. Oxford: E Theatro Sheldoniano ; Impensis Thomae Bennet, 1702.


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Jackson, Thomas. Works of the Reverend and learned divine, Thomas Jackson, D.D., sometime president of Corpus Christi College in Oxon.: such as were, and such as never before were printed: in three volumes. London: Printed by Andrew Clark, for John Martyn, Richard Chiswell, and Joseph Clark, 1673.

Jerome, Saint. Opera omnia quae reperiri potuerunt. Paris: Apud Bibliopolas vrbis Parisiensis consortes, 1609.

Josephus, Flavius. Ta euriskomena = opera, quae reperiri potuerunt omnia. Oxford: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1720.

Justin, Martyr, Saint. Opera. Cologne: Apud Jeremiam Schrey, & Heinricum Joh. Meyerum, 1686.

Keith, George. Exact narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, the 11th of the month called June, 1696: together with the disputes and speeches there, between G. Keith and other Quakers, differing from him in some religious principles. London: Printed for B. Aylmer, 1696.

———. George Keith’s fifth narrative of his proceedings at Turners-Hall: detecting the Quakers errors, the 4th. of June, 1701, and particularly, the falsehood and injustice, and vile errors of John Whiting, and the Quakers of the Second Days Meeting. London: Printed for B. Aylmer, 1701.

———. George Keith’s fourth narrative of his proceedings at Turners-Hall: divided into three parts, detecting the Quakers gross errors, vile heresies, and antichristian principles, oppugning the fundamentals of Christianity, by clear and evident proofs. London: Printed for Brabazon Aylmer, 1700.

———. Second narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, the 29th of the month called April, 1697: giving an exact account of all the proofs G.K. brought out of the Quakers prove them guilty of the four great errors he had charged them with. London: Printed for B. Aylmer, 1697.

———. Third narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, the twenty first day of April 1698: giving an exact account of the proofs brought by George Keith, out of the Quakers printed books...opposing four great fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. London: Printed for C. Brome, 1698.

Kettlewell, John. Measures of Christian obedience, or, A discourse shewing, what obedience is indispensably necessary to a regenerate state: and what defects are consistent with it: for the promotion of piety and the peace of troubled consciences. London: Printed by H.C. for Tho. Newborough, 1696.

Lamb, Thomas. Fresh suit against independency, or, The national church-way vindicated, the independent church-way condemned. London: Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1677.

———. Stop to the course of separation, or, The separation of the new Separatists from the parish-churches condemned. London: Printed for W. Kettilby, 1693.

Le Blanc de Beaulieu, Louis. Theses theologicae. London: Prostant venales apud Mosem Pitt, 1683.

Leighton, Robert. Practical commentary upon the two first chapters of the first epistle general of St Peter. York: Printed by J. White...for the city of York, and the five northerne counties, and are to be sold at London by Sam. Keble, 1693-1694.

———. Praelectiones theologicae. London: Typis excusae B. Griffin, venales prostant apud Sam. Keble, 1693.

Leland, John. View of the principal deistical writers that have appeared in England in the last and present century. London: Printed for Benj. Dod, 1757.

Leslie, Charles. Defence of a book intituled, The snake in the grass: In reply to several answers put out to it by George Whithead, Joseph Wyeth, &c. London: Printed by M. Bennet, for C. Brome..., W. Keblewhite…And Geo. Strahan, 1700.

———. Theological works of the Reverend Mr. Charles Leslie: in two volumes. London: Printed by W. Bowyer, 1721.

Leybourn, William. Cursus mathematicus. Mathematical sciences. London: Printed for Thomas Basset, Benjamin Tooke, Thomas Sawbridge, Awnsham and John Churchill, 1690.

Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675. Works of the Reverend and learned John Lightfoot, D.D., late master of Katherine Hall in Cambridge: such as were, and such as never before were printed. London: Printed by W.R. [i.e. William Rawlins] for Robert Scott, Thomas Basset, Richard Chiswell, 1684.

Limborch, Philippus van. Theologia christiana ad praxin pietatis ac promotionem pacis christianae unice directa. Amsterdam: Apud Henricum Wetstenium, 1695.

Lloyd, William. Series chronologica, Olympiadum, Pythiadum, Isthmiadum, Nemeadum. Oxford: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1700.

Long, Thomas. Continuation and vindication oe [sic] the Defence of Dr. Stillingfleet’s Unreasonableness of separation in answer to Mr. Baxter, Mr. Lob, &c: containing a further explication and defence of the doctrine of Catholick communion. London: Printed for R. Chiswell, and are to be sold by F. Gardiner, 1682.


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Mede, Joseph. Vvorks of the pious and profoundly-learned Joseph Mede, B.D., sometime fellow of Christ’s Coledge in Cambridge: Corrected and enlarged according to the author’s own manuscripts. London: Printed by Roger Norton, for Richard Royston, 1677.

Mennonite, S.E. Answer to several remarks upon Dr. Henry More, his expositions of the Apocalypse and Daniel, as also upon his Apology. London: Printed by Miles Flesher, 1684.

More, Henry. Apocalypsis Apocalypseos, or, The Revelation of St. John the Divine unveiled. London: Printed by J.M. for J. Martyn, and W. Kettilby, 1680.

———. Discourses on several texts of Scripture. London: Printed by J.R. and are to be sold by Brabazon Aylmer, 1692.

———. Opera omnia. London: Typis Impressa J. Macock, Sumptibus autem J. Martyn, & Gault. Kettilby, 1679.

———. Opera theologica. London: Typis J. Macock, impensis Johan Martyn, & Gualteri Kettilby, 1675.

———. Paralipomena prophetica: containing several supplements and defences of Dr. Henry More, his expositions of the prophet Daniel and the Apocalypse, whereby the impregnable firmness and solidity of the said expositions is further evidenced to the world. London: Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1685.

———. Plain and continued exposition of the several prophecies or divine visions of the prophet Daniel: which have or may concern the people of God, whether Jew or Christian. London: Printed by M.F. [i.e. Miles Flesher] for Walter Kettilby, 1681.

Nektarios, Patriarch of Jerusalem. Confutatio imperii papae in ecclesiam. London: Extat apud Joannem Taylor, 1702.

Newman, Samuel. Large and compleat concordance to the Bible in English, according to the last translation. London: Printed for Thomas Dovvnes and Andrevv Crook, 1658.


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Pelling, Edward. Discourse concerning the existence of God. London: Printed for William Rogers, 1696.

Penton, Stephen. Apparatus ad theologiam in usum academiarum: I. Generalis. II. Specialis. London: Typis M. Flesher: Prostant venales apud Sim. Miller, ad Stellam, & Gault. Kettilby, 1688.

Perkins, William. Workes of that famous and vvorthie minister of Christ, in the University of Cambridge, Mr. W. Perkins: the first volume. Cambridge: Printed by Iohn Legate...And are to be sold by Simon Waterson, 1608-1609.

———. Workes of that famous and vvorthy minister of Christ in the Vniuersitie of Cambridge, Mr. William Perkins: The first volume ; newly corrected according to his owne copies ; with distinct chapters, and contents of euery booke, and two tables of the whole. London: By Iohn Legatt, 1612-1613.

———. Works of that famous and worthy minister of Christ in the Vniversitie of Cambridge, M. William Perkins: the second volume. London: Printed by Iohn Legatt, 1631.

Plutarch. Ta sozomena panta = quae exstant omnia. Frankfurt: Apud Andreae Wecheli heredes, Claudium Marnium, & Ioannem Aubrium., 1599.

Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus. Syntagma theologiae Christianae. Frankfurt am Main: Apud Casparum Wechtlerum & Sebastianum Rhonerum, 1655.

Polycarp, Saint, Bishop of Smyrna. Polycarpi et Ignatii Epistolae. Oxford: Excudebat L. Licfield [sic] Academiae Typographus, 1644.

Poole, Matthew. Synopsis criticorum. Frankfurt am Main: Typis & impensis Balthasaris Christophori Wustii, Sen., 1694.

Pseudo-Dionysius, the Areopagite. Opera omnia quae extant. Paris: Apud Michaelem Sonnium, 1615.

Quick, John. Synodicon in Gallia reformata, or, The acts, decisions, decrees, and canons of those famous national councils of the reformed churches in France. London: Printed for T. Parkhurst and J. Robinson, 1692.

Raleigh, Walter, Sir. Historie of the world. London: Printed for Robert White, John Place, and George Dawes, and are to be sold by John Place, 1666.

Rawlet, John. Christian monitor, containing an earnest exhortation to an holy life: with some directions in order thereto / written in a plain and easie style, for all sorts of people. London: Printed for Samuel Manship, 1696.

Reynolds, Edward. Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward Reynolds, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Norwich. London: Printed by Tho. Newcomb, and are to be sold by Robert Boulter, 1679.

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Sage, John. Vindication of a discourse entituled The principles of the Cyprianic age, with regard to episcopal power and jurisdiction: being a reply to Gilbert Rule’s Cyprianic bishop examin’d and found not to be a diocesan. London: Printed by G. Croom for Robert Clavel, 1701.

Sanderson, Robert. Casus conscientiae (sive quaestiones practicae) novem: soluti pro re nata atque decisi. Cambridge: Ex officina Jo. Hayes, celeberrimae academiae typog.: Impensis Hen. Dickinson, & Rich. Green bibliopolarum Cantabrigiensium, 1688.

———. De juramenti promissorii obligatione praelectiones sepem [sic]: habitae in schola theologica Oxonii termino Michaelis, anno Dom. 1646. London: Impensis R. Chiswell, S. Smith, B. Walford, M. Wootton, & J. Conyers, 1696.

———. De obligatione conscientiae praelectiones decem: Oxonii in schola theologica habitae anno Dom. MDCXLVII. London: Typis M.C.: Prostant apud S. Smith & B. Walford, 1696.

———. XXI sermons: viz. XVII ad aulam, III ad magistratum, I ad populum. London: Printed by Tho. Hodgkin, 1681.

———. XXXV sermons: viz. XVI ad aulam, V ad clerum, VI ad magistratum, VIII ad populum: with a large preface. London: Printed by Tho. Hodgkin, 1681.

Sarpi, Paolo. Historie of the Councel of Trent. London: Printed by Robert Barker, and Iohn Bill, 1620.

Scapula, Johann. Lexicon Graecolatinum nouum. Geneva: Excudebat Philippus Albertus, 1628.

Scrivener, Matthew. Apologia pro s. ecclesiae patribus, adversus Joannem Dallum De vsv patrvm, &c.: accedit Apologia pro Ecclesia Anglicana adversus nuperum schisma. London: Sumptibus Guil. Wells & Rob. Scott, 1672.

Sefer Tehilim ... i.e. Liber Psalmorum. Cambridge: Typis Johan. Hayes typographi academici, 1685.

Sharrock, Robert. Hypothesis ethike de officiis secundum naturae jus, seu, de moribus ad rationis normam conformandis doctrina: unde casus omnes conscientiae, quatenus notiones a natura suppetunt, judicari possint. Oxford: Typis Lichfieldianis, acad. typogr.: Impensis Tho. Robinson, 1660.

Sherlock, Thomas. Several discourses preached at the Temple Church. London: Printed for J. Whiston and B. White, 1756.

Sherlock, William. Defence and continuation of the Discourse concerning the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and our union and communion with Him: with a particular respect to the doctrine of the Church of England, and the charge of Socinianism and Pelagianism. London: Printed by A.C. for Walter Kettilby, 1675.

———. Discourse about church-unity: being a defence of Dr. Stillingfleet’s unreasonableness of separation, in answer to several late pamphlets, but principally to Dr. Owen and Mr. Baxter. London: Printed for Richard Chiswel, 1681.

———. Discourse concerning the divine providence. London: Printed for William Rogers, 1694.

———. Discourse concerning the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and our union and communion with him, &c. London: Printed by M. Clark for W. Kettilby, 1678.

———. Practical discourse concerning a future judgment. London: Printed by R.R. [i.e. Robert Roberts] for W. Rogers, 1695.

———. Practical discourse concerning death. London: Printed for William Rogers, 1696.

Socrates, Scholasticus. Sokratous Scholastikou kai Hermeiou Sozomenou Ekklesiastike historia = Socratis Scholastici et Hermiae Sozomeni Historia ecclesiastica. Mainz: Excudebat Antonius Vitre, nunc verd verbotenus & correctius edebant; Christian Gerlach & Simon Beckenstein, 1677.

Stillingfleet, Edward. Discourse in vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity: with an answer to the late Socinian objections against it from Scripture, antiquity and reason. London: Printed by J.H. for Henry Mortlock, 1697.

———, Edward. Mischief of separation: a sermon preached at Guild-Hall chapel before the Lord Mayor, &c. London: Printed by M.F. for Henry Mortlock, 1687.

———, Edward. Origines sacrae, or, A rational account of the grounds of Christian faith, as to the truth and divine authority of the Scriptures, and the matters therein contained. London: Printed by J.H. for Henry Mortlock, 1680.

———, Edward. Unreasonableness of separation, or, An impartial account of the history, nature, and pleas of the present separation from the communion of the Church of England. London: Printed for Henry Mortlock, 1682.

Tabulae locorum communium theologicorum, et Epistolae D. Pauli ad Romanos. Basel: Per Sebastianum Henricpetri, 1575.

Taylor, Jeremy. Great exemplar of sanctity and holy life according to the Christian institution: described in the history of the life and death of the ever-blessed Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world. London: Printed by J. Flesher, for Richard Royston, 1667.

Tena, Luis de. Commentaria & disputationes in Epistolam D. Pauli ad Hebraeos. London: Typis R. Hodgkinson, prostant apud Rob Scott, 1661.

Tertullian. Opera. Paris: Sumptibus Mathurini du Puis, 1634.

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Tillotson, John. Seasonable vindication of the B. Trinity: being an answer to this question, why do you believe the doctrine of the Trinity? London: Printed for B. Aylmer, 1697.

———. Sermons preach’d upon several occasions. The first volume. London: Printed for Brabazon Aylmer...and William Rogers, 1694.

———. Sermons preached upon several occasions. The second volume. London: Printed by J.H. [i.e. John Heptinstall] for B. Aylmer, 1694.

———. Sermons and discourses upon several occasions. The third volume. London: Printed for B. Aylmer...and W. Rogers, 1694.

———. Sermons preach’d upon several occasions. The fourth volume. London: Printed for Br. Aylmer...and W. Rogers, 1695.

———. Sermons concerning the divinity and incarnation of our blessed Saviour: preached in the church of St. Lawrence Jewry. London: Printed for B. Aylmer...and W. Rogers, 1695.

———. Several discourses: viz. Of the great duties of natural religion. London: Printed for Ri. Chiswell, 1697.

———. Six sermons: I. Of stedfastness[sic] in religion, II. Of family religion, III, IV, V. Of education of children, VI. Of the advantages of an early piety: preached in the Church of St. Lawrence Jury in London. London: Printed for B. Aylmer...and W. Rogers, 1694.

———. Sixteen sermons preached on several subjects…being the second volume. London: Printed for Ri. Chiswell, 1696.

———. Sixteen sermons, preached on several occasions…being the third volume. London: Printed for Ri. Chiswell, 1696.

Turrettini, Francois. Compendium theologiae didactico-elenctocae, ex theologorum nostrorum: institutionibus theologicis auctum & illustratum. Amsterdam: Apud Georgium Gallet, 1695.


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Vossius, Gerardus Joannes. Theses theologicae et historicae. Oxford: Excudebat W.T. impensis W.W., 1628.

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Walker, John. Attempt towards recovering an account of the numbers and sufferings of the clergy of the Church of England, heads of colleges, fellows, scholars, &c. who were sequester’d, harrass’d, &c. in the late times of the Grand Rebellion. London: Printed by W.S. for J. Nicholson, R. Knaplock, R. Wilkin, B. Tooke, D. Midwinter, and B. Cowse, 1714.

West, Gilbert. Defence of the Christian revelation on two very important points: as contained in one treatise intituled, Observations on the history and evidences of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. London: Printed by voluntary subscription, in order to be dispersed in His Majesty’s colonies and islands in America, 1748.

———. Defence of the Christian revelation on two very important points: as contained in one treatise intituled, Observations on the history and evidences of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. London: Printed by voluntary subscription, in order to be dispersed in His Majesty’s colonies and islands in America, 1748.

Whole book of Psalms: collected into English metre / by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others ; conferr’d with the Hebrew. London: Printed by Thomas Burdet, for the Company of Stationers, 1727.

Wilson, Thomas. Complete Christian dictionary: wherein the significations and several acceptations of all the words mentioned in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are fully opened, expressed, explained. London: Printed for Thomas Wilson and Mary Clark, and are to be sold by Richard Chiswell, 1678.


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