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Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Online Exhibition: (Anti)SUFFRAGE

Proceedings of the Trial of Susan B. Anthony

(Anti)SUFFRAGE presents thirteen rare books, broadsides, paintings, photographs, and other items from the Boston Athenӕum’s special collections that look at how the suffrage movement contributed to redesigning women’s roles and responsibilities in society from varied perspectives as they vied for equality.

The exhibition presents the complexities of the struggle to secure and protect voting rights for women and people of color in the past and today.

(Anti)SUFFRAGE was curated by Polly Thayer Starr Fellow in American Art and Culture Theo Tyson and was originally on view in the Henry Long Room.


Available as a comprehensive online exhibition this summer.


Image: Trial of Susan B. Anthony, on the charge of illegal voting, published by the Rochester, N.Y. Daily Democrat and Chronicle Book Print, 1874. View the full document on our Digital Collections site.