Cutter Classification

To find your book, see if it is Library of Congress or Cutter, then look at how the call number begins, and then at the table below to see where that is in the building. It’s complicated, so don’t hesitate to ask for help!

The BA [or We] shelve by size to maximize our space and the following in call numbers indicate whether a book is small (.), medium (+) , or large (/ or //).

  Points (.)Pluses (+)Slashes (/ or//)
Cutter Call #CollectionLocation and MapLocation and MapLocation and Map
1PhilosophyBasement DrumBasementBasement
2ReligionBasement DrumBasementBasement
3Judaism, ChristianityBasement Drum and BasementBasementBasement
4Ecclesiastical HistoryBasementBasementBasement
5Biography-Eastern Hemisphere3rd Floor Gallery and 3rd Floor3rd Floor3rd Floor
:5Biography-Eastern Hemisphere Off-site  
6Biography-W.Hemisphere3rd Floor and Drum 3Drum 3Drum 3
7History, Customs, HeraldryDrum:3 Up and Drum 3Drum:3 UpDrum:3 Up
:7Antiquities, ChronologiesDrum 3  
8History-E. HemisphereDrum 3 and Drum:3 DownDrum:3 UpDrum:3 Up
:8History-E. HemisphereDrum:3 Down and Drum: 2 UpDrum:3 UpDrum:3 Up
9History-W. Hemisphere5th Floor, 5th Floor Gallery and 4th Floor Gallery5th Floor5th Floor Gallery
:9 Off-site  
°A-°D Off-site  
ADescription & Travel- E. Hemisphere1st Floor Gallery and Basement1st Floor Gallery1st Floor Gallery
:AGeography,Cartography,Travel- E. HemisphereDrum: 2 UpDrum:3 UpDrum:3 Up
BDescription & Travel- W. HemisphereBasementBasementBasement
:B Off-site  
CEconomics, SociologyLower PilgrimBasementBasement
DEducation, Women, SlaveryBasementBasementBasement
:°E-°F Off-site  
EPolitical Science, Government, International LawBasementBasementBasement
FEnglish Law, ParliamentOff-site  
°GGuidebooksDrum: 2 UpXXXXXXXXXX
GLaw, U.S. CongressBasementBasementBasement
°HGuidebooksDrum: 2 UpXXXXXXXXXX
HAstronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, PhysicsLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
°I-°K Off-site  
INatural HistoryLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
JBotanyLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
KZoologyLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
LVertebrataLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
MMedicineLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
NUseful Arts (Agriculture, Cookery, GardeningLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
°PBound PeriodicalsLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
PConstructive Arts (Building, Engineering)Lower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
QHandicrafts, ManufacturesLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
RMilitary ArtsDrum: 2 UpDrum:3 UpDrum:3 Up
°R Off-site  
SSports, Games, AmusementsLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
TTheater, MusicLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
UArt, ArchitectureLower PilgrimLower PilgrimLower Pilgrim
VLiteratureDrum 2: DownDrum: 1Drum: 1
:V Off-site  
VELiteratureDrum 2: Down and Drum:1 UpDrum: 1Drum: 1
VEA, VED, VEPLiteratureDrum:1 UpDrum: 1Drum: 1
VEFFictionSecond Floor and Drum: 2  
:VEF Off-site  
VF-VFDFrench Literature, Drama, PoetryDrum: 1 and Drum:1 UpDrum: 1Drum: 1
VGGerman Lit., Drama, PoetryDrum: 1Drum: 1Drum: 1
VHSpanish, LiteratureDrum: 1Drum: 1Drum: 1
VIItalian LiteratureDrum: 1Drum: 1Drum: 1
VJClassicsDrum: 1Drum: 1 DownDrum: 1 Down
VM-VWOther LiteratureDrum: 1Drum: 1Drum: 1
VO-VPClassicsDrum: 1 and Drum: 1 DownDrum: 1 DownDrum: 1 Down
XBibliography, WritingDrum: 1 DownBasementBasement
:XBibliographyDrum: 1 DownBasementBasement
WNative American LiteratureDrum: 1 Down  
YLanguage- E. HemisphereDrum: 1 DownDrum: 1 DownDrum: 1 Down
:Y Off-site  
:ZLanguage- W. HemisphereDrum: 1 Down