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Staff Recommendations

"What's everyone reading right now?" is a question posed often to Reader Services staff.  As you might imagine, the tastes of Boston Athenaeum staff are as diverse as the memberships.  Some of us seem to have to read everything ever written about medieval manuscripts, while others prefer a quiet mystery set in Europe. Still others devour tomes on history and archaeology, while the rest appear to be obsessed with reading everything that's ever won a major literary prize, such as the Pulitzer, Nobel, Man Booker, or American Library Association prize.

In our quarterly staff recommendation lists, we focus on titles that are either 1) recently published or 2) have an affinity with the season.  Sometimes, our particular recommendations are meant to remind our members of collections about which they may have forgotten (e.g. photography, cooking, young adult, dogs).

No doubt, there is something for everyone in these eclectic lists.