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Children's Library


About the Children's Library

The Children’s Library serves the children of Boston Athenæum members from their earliest days through adolescence. We're excited about the new space being designed specifically for our youngest readers but we're dedicated to offering reader services throughout the construction process. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to hear more! For now, come to the Reference Desk on the second floor for story time or when you need help or contact us before you come.

Where can you find children's books and spaces now?

  • The new picture books and board books are in bins under the new bookshelves on the first floor.
  • New books for youths are on a cart by the Reference Desk on the second floor.
  • Books for youths (PZ7s, PZ8s, PZ10s, followed by graphic novels) are on 2G along the wall with the elevator. Look for the workspace across the way!
  • Young Readers and books in languages other than English are on a cart in the middle of the room. Look for the colorful branches!
  • A space by the spiral staircase on the second floor where caregivers and children can read together.
  • Young Adult (YA PZ7) followed by YA graphic novels are on the third floor, on the Granary side of the Long Room.
  • Children's non-fiction are on the third floor, on the Granary side of the Long Room. 

Remember you may also request books to be mailed or picked up at the circulation desk.

Join us for songs and stories at drop-in story time Wednesday and Friday between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm or Saturday storytime at 10:30 am.

Visit or Take a Tour.

Children's Programs

The Children's Library offers regular story times, set on Saturdays and on demand weekdays Wednesday and Friday.


Events & Activities

Reading challenges, writing workshops, DIY sessions, special collections visits, and volunteer opportunities support creativity and connection. As we redesign our children's spaces, there will be some disruptions, but we will continue to offer programming.

Book Groups 

Book groups for a wide range of ages have met monthly: Independent Readers (ages 6-8), Young Readers (ages 9-13), and Teen Readers (ages 14-18).

We're scheduling our next readings. Let us know what you'd like! Sign up for the weekly newsletter to learn more.


Explore the Children's Library's collection with Themed Booklists, featuring fun titles, old and new, on topics to satisfy all interests.

Story Time

Learn all about our Story Time presentations.