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The Ancient Greco-Roman Classical Literature Reading Group ("Classics") will meet the Second Tuesday of every month from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. in the Trustees' Room, unless otherwise specified at the Security desk. The group formerly met on the first Wednesday of the month.
The group will focus on Greek and Roman Literature in Translation and the Classical Tradition. Greco-Roman Literature encompasses epic poetry, love elegiacs, odes,  dramatic works, historical narratives, etc.
Participants must sign up in advance for the year. There is an annual fee of $100.
For further questions and/or to join the email list, please contact Cashman K. Prince at 
We offer meetings through a virtual platform and in-person with a hybrid connection. Please contact the group moderator with questions.

2021–2022 Schedule

  • Happy summer!
  • Sep. 14 (N.B. this meeting will happen in the Seminar Room): Plutarch, selections from Essays (suggested edition: Penguin Classics edition, translated by Robin H. Waterfield, with additional essays provided as a .pdf)
  • Oct. 12: Plutarch, selected Parallel Lives (published in separate volumes, Greek Lives / Roman Lives both Oxford World’s Classics editions, translated by Robin H. Waterfield)
  • Nov. 9: Plutarch, selected Parallel Lives 
  • Dec. 14: Suetonius, The Lives of the Caesars—Augustus, Nero (suggested edition: Oxford World’s Classics, translated by Catharine Edwards)
  • Jan. 11: Pseudo-Callisthenes, The Greek Alexander Romance (suggested edition: Penguin Classics, translated by Richard Stoneman)
  • Feb. 8: Tacitus, Agricola (suggested edition: Oxford World’s Classics, translated by A. R. Birley)
  • Mar. 8: Tacitus, Germania / Germany (suggested edition: Oxford World’s Classics, translated by A. R. Birley)
  • Apr. 12: Martial, Epigrams (suggested edition: Oxford World’s Classics parallel text edition, translated by Gideon Nisbet)
  • May 10: Apuleius, The Golden Ass (books 1–5), suggested edition: translations by P. G. Walsh, Robert Graves, or Sarah Ruden
  • Jun. 14: Apuleius, The Golden Ass (books 6–10)