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The Philosophy Group meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified.
This discussion group is for people who wish to step back from their daily routines and take some time to examine the whys and hows in life. We will cast a wide net, from the Classics to the current politics, and participants will be invited to suggest authors and topics of interest.
For further questions, please feel free to write to group moderator Randall Albright at
We offer meetings through a virtual platform and in-person with a hybrid connection. Please contact the group moderator with questions.

2021–2022 Schedule

  • Sep. 16: Julian Baggini, What's It All About? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
  • Oct. 21: Yvonnne Sherratt, Hitler's Philosophers
  • Nov. 18: Zena Hitz, Lost In Thought 
  • Dec. 9 (.N.B. this is the second Thursday): Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus
  • Jan. 20: Emily Katz Anhalt, Embattled: How Ancient Greek Myths Empower Us to Resist Tyranny
  • Feb. 17: Steven Pinker, Rationality
  • Mar. 17: Robert Wright, The Evolution of God 
  • Apr. 20 (N.B. this is the third Wednesday): Julian Baggini, The Great Guide: What David Hume Can Teach Us About Living Well
  • May 19: Susan Sontag, Against Interpretation
  • Happy summer!
  • Sep. 15: reading t.b.d.
  • Philosophy Discussion Group Past Readings