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Tipped In

The Tipped In Discussion Group meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Seminar Room unless otherwise specified at the Security Desk.

Welcome! This discussion group is for active and emerging professionals working in libraries, museums, conservation, and the arts. Members gather to share their professional experiences, discuss new techniques and projects, recommend resources, and more. This group is interested in professional engagement, exploring resources at the Athenæum and other Boston institutions, and examining the cultural sector as a diverse and evolving field. 

Every meeting includes a speaker or presentation by a member, plus time for discussion. Participants are invited to suggest discussion topics that promote constructive conversation and introduce new concepts.

Suggestions for the Tipped In reading list are most welcome; future readings and discussion topics will be based on recommendations by the group.

Interested members should contact Eva Grizzard at

2020 Schedule

Happy summer!