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World War I

This discussion group was established in honor of the centenary of the August 1914 outbreak of World War I. Titles will be chosen democratically by group members. The group will meet the first Saturday of each month from 10:30 am to noon in the Trustees' Room, subject to adjustment for holidays. 

2018 Schedule

  • Jan. 6: Hew Strachan, The First World War
  • Feb. 3: G. J. Meyer, The World Remade:​ America in World War
  • Mar. 3: David Stevenson, The First World War and International Politics
  • Apr. 7: Christopher Capozzola, Uncle Sam Wants You: World War I and the Making of the Modern American Citizen
  • May 5: David Stevenson, 1917: War, Peace, & Revolution
  • Jun. 2: Jonathan Boff, Haig’s Enemy: Crown Prince Rupprecht and Germany’s War on the Western Front​
  • Happy summer!
  • Sep. 8 (N.B. this is the second Saturday): George F. Kennan, The Decline of Bismarck's European Order: Franco-Russian Relations 1875–1890
  • Oct. 6: Adam Tooze, The Deluge: The Great War, America and the Remaking of the Global Order 1916–1931
  • Nov. 3: George F. Kennan, The Fateful Alliance: France, Russia and the Coming of the First World War
  • Dec. 1: Jonathan Steinberg, Bismarck: A Life

World War I Discussion Group Past Readings