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World War II

When Big Ben tolls DONG,DONG,DONG, This is London Calling----August 20, 1940 "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." The Group will meet on the third Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m.
Please contact Peter Mongeau if you have further questions.

2019–2020 Schedule

  • Jun. 15: James Q. Wilson, Hitler's American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law 
  • Happy Summer!
  • Sep. 21: Niall Ferguson, The War of the World: 20th Century Conflict and the Descent of the West
  • Oct. 19: Linda Hervieux, Forgotten
  • Nov. 16: Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich
  • Dec. 21: Mark Stoler, George C. Marshall
  • Jan. 18: Mark Wyman, DPs: Europe’s Displaced Persons, 1945–1951
  • Feb. 15: Craig Symonds, WWII at Sea: A Global History
  • Mar. 21: Sonia Purnell, A Woman of No Importance
  • Apr. 18: Andrew Gordon, A Modern History of Japan: From Tokugawa Times to the Present
  • May 16: Allen Packwood, How Churchill Waged War: The Most Challenging Decisions of the Second World War
  • Jun. 20 reading t.b.d.